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You have a website! And how many people know about it! How many of them find you on the global network ?!

Have you noticed that in recent years more and more people are shopping from various online stores and ordinary stores are increasingly left half-empty? If you own a store, you can’t help but wonder how to increase your turnover and not look for ways to do it. If you’ve done well – congratulations, but if you’re still wandering around looking for answers, this help material may be helpful.

If you really want to prosper and your goods to be even more marketable in demand, then it’s time to decide to open an online store. By opening your online store you will have the opportunity to offer your goods to millions of users who surf the Internet every day. Your sales will certainly increase and last but not least you will save a lot of money on advertising, which you otherwise have to give if you want your store to be visited by more customers.

what’s the use

– retention of market positions with minimal investment and cheap Internet advertising.
– Lack of high rents compared to the standard store
– no limit on the area, the e-shop has no limit on the number of goods
– no costs for security, fire and other bureaucratic requirements
– working hours of the store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– ability to forecast costs
– Lack of investment in training managers to handle your goods well
– you do not waste a few days a month to explain which product is stored, what are its parameters, how much it costs, and what exactly its varieties you offer
– no fee for bank and card terminal when using electronic payments.
– according to the activity possibility to offer goods with extended delivery period, many times more than you can collect in the normal way in warehouses and retail
– Visitors to your online store are in a higher percentage of potential customers, rather than accidentally passing by the store.

What is the difference between a catalog and a store

The difference is that in the Internet catalog there is no possibility to order, only an inquiry. While at the Internet store it is possible to order goods with different payment methods – cash on delivery, ePay.bg, PayPal and others.

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