Creative Design

Creative Design makes your business visible.
You have a website! And how many people know about it! How many of them find you on the global network ?!

Creative Design is a small but innovative company for complex Internet solutions and design. We love our challenges and our work. We make memorable projects and do not bother to experiment in all areas of our activity. We work with both large companies and small and medium-sized businesses. We take every project we take equally seriously. We differentiate things only by the time we need to invest and the complexity of the task.

We understand what the terms SEO, SMO, SMM

In fact, we not only understand what they mean, but we are constantly developing SEO strategies. And we are constantly experimenting. Our clients keep dozens of first pages for their business. Learn more about our SEO services.

Online catalogs and online stores

We make working and discoverable online catalogs and online stores to order. We do not offer ready-made visual solutions, as the Internet is full of. We pay special attention to each client and make his project different and memorable. Creative Design online stores are tailored to your business, not the other way around.
All our online stores are extremely discoverable in search engines. Learn more about online stores .


You know, and we know that design, vision, photography sell.
We offer object photography, interior photography, exterior photography, product photography, aerial photography, as well as all types of advertising photography. We write concepts for each assignment before the shooting. Learn more about the photography we offer.

Our customers

The clients for whom we have done projects speak eloquently that we understand each other from our work. Some of them are – EVN Naturekraft, Tashev Galving Ltd., EVN Bulgaria, Einhel Bulgaria Ltd., Klimamarket Efendulov, New Technic Publishing, Global Food Company, Varna Net Ltd., ABV AD, Eureka Foundation, Union Correct Varna, Mustang Food, Flexicar, Bilyana Raeva, Iztok Invest, Mattresses Classic, Restaurant Nikova House, Hotel Tudi, Elie Sherban accessories, Varna Plast, Velit Courier, Dentlux – S. Stoilkova, Satellite-94, Lake Zhelyazkovi, Novakovi and Son, GG Audio Design, GS Impex EOOD , Fiscal Systems Varna

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